Our Story

Dustin Ivey, Abednego's founder, had the opportunity to serve in Guatemala on a short-term mission trip with a team of 30 people from Maranatha Bible Church in Akron, Ohio in 2016.  That trip forever changed his life.  He saw first hand the good that could be accomplished for the Kingdom of God when a group of unified believers worked alongside amazing partners in other countries.  Dustin has had the opportunity to go back to Guatemala multiple times since that first trip. 

This is where the coffee story begins...

One of the partners Dustin and his teammates work alongside is Hope of Life International.  They have a beautiful facility near Llano Verde, Guatemala that welcomes missionaries from all over the world to serve the surrounding villages. This is where Dustin fell in love with Guatemalan coffee and his vision for creating a business that allowed him to give back to the country and people he fell in love with started.

After many sleepless nights laying awake thinking of ways to make this dream come alive, God provided a way; like only He can.  Dustin was able to create this website, which allows Abednego's Coffee House to donate a percentage of its sales back to mission organizations abroad and here at home, in the USA.

This is only the beginning for Abednego's Coffee House.  A brick and mortar location will be opened in the Akron, Ohio area in the future, Lord willing.  That location will serve as the hub for Abednego's brand and will increase its ability to serve the community here at home and communities abroad.   

By supporting Abednego's Coffee House you are providing us the opportunity to be faithful to Jesus' command of, "...therefore go and make disciples of all nations...", in the Great Commission, allowing us to help save lives, both physically and spiritually, and for that, we could not be more grateful!!